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6th Grade is a LLAMA Fun!



Hello, my name is Ms. Hawthorne, and I will be your scholar's 6th-grade teacher. I am excited that your scholar will be in my class this year! I look forward to sharing the school year. As a teacher, I will endeavor to create an educational partnership with you and your student that will foster courage, determination, and passion for knowledge. In addition, my commitment as an educator will be to provide your student with a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure their academic success in 6th grade.


All About Me


I am a graduate of California State Dominguez Hills University in Education. I have also completed my Master's in Education and Elementary from the University of Phoenix of Arizona. I am very excited to be teaching 6th grade. This will be a year full of excitement, dedication, hard work, and, last but not least, success! Sixth grade is a challenging year for students as they expand their minds and strive to reach their full potential. My teaching motto is "Courage, Determination, and Passion for Knowledge Equals Success!"


I look forward to guiding my students to become responsible, self-motivated learners and for them to challenge themselves to be even better. I know we will have a fantastic school year!


Through our strong partnership, I will ensure that our shared goal is to have your son/daughter reach his/her full potential, meeting 6th-grade standards. Please look for future communications regarding behavior policies, classroom rewards and consequences, grading procedures, and daily schedules. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you in advance for both your support and partnership for the upcoming school year.


I look forward to meeting you soon!



  • Color: Pink 
  • Drink: Coffee & Sprite 
  • Food: Sushi, Indian Cuisine, Thai 
  • Snack: Cheese Sticks and Veggies   
  • Hobbies: Painting, Karaoke, and the Gym 
  • Shopping: Target, Michaels, Starbucks, Amazon 
Birthday: July 9th