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7th Grade Teacher, Sharlene Solis

WELCOME TO...Bitmoji of Ms. Solis coming out of an apple
Ms. Solis's 7th Grade Classroom!!
I'm so excited to begin the new year with you all! It will be my first year at Sycamore Academy and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. I have high expectations for my students and will work to help them reach their goals and then some! 
My classroom culture revolves around having fun with learning, strengths-based teaching, student-centered activities, and creating a welcoming space for everyone to learn.
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  • Color: Red or Periwinkle
  • Food: Spaghetti
  • Starbucks Order: Matcha Latte (w/ Coconut Milk) or Matcha Lemonade
  • Birthday: July 6
  • Hobbies: video games, piano, singing, creative writing
  • Kids: a 7 year old chihuahua/rat terrier mix named Alice
  • Fun Facts: 
    • I am getting married next year!
    • Most of my 7th graders are probably taller than me... I am 5 feet tall!
    • ¡Aprendiendo Español! 
CA Multiple-Subject Credential 
Azusa Pacific University
M.A. in Teaching
Azusa Pacific University
B.A. in Liberal Studies
Azusa Pacific University
First Aid/CPR for Adults, Kids, and Infants
I will work to respond to you within 24 business hours.
Communication and collaboration with parents, students, and staff, is one of my priorities, so I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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7:00 am-4:00 pm
Email or Remind App communications work best, but please call me for anything urgent. 


7th Grade Student Log Ins

Hi Parents! Here are some quick links for Logging In to websites at home.
Student Email & Google Account:

Username: First name + MMDDbirthday

(Example: [email protected])

Password: Sycamore

RAZ Kids Link:
Attached is a PDF of the full Log In instructions. You have seen this same PDF already on colorful cardstock.
What a great fundraiser last night!
Sycamore held a Students VS Teachers Laser Tag night at the Infusion Zone in Chino. I was glad to see some familiar faces.
I versed a few of my seventh graders at the 6:20 pm laser tag game. It was the last game of the night, so it had to be our best. Competition was fierce.
In the end, the team with my seventh graders won...we lost! I had some good duels, but it wasn't good enough! I'll be training my laser tag skills so that I am ready for next time...this isn't the last straw!