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Core Subjects

Sycamore Academy faculty understand that teaching procedural math may help students score better on standardized tests, however, does not instill a true understanding of numbers (place value, number magnitude or other conceptual understandings).  Students need to master the concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts of math and therefore, our teachers emphasize problem solving strategies while focusing on student development of skills, concepts, processes and metacognition.  Students must reflect on their own thinking in order to become more proficient problem solvers.  Mathematics intentionally looks different Sycamore.  We want students to exit our program with a solid understanding of mathematical functions and skills necessary to conquer any mathematical problem in their future.
Language Arts
Reading and writing are necessary skills needed to access the world around us and communicate with others. With that understanding, students are lead through activities and challenges that enhance their understanding of how words work.  From letter sounds through synthesis, students are coached and constantly practicing at their individual level in an engaging way that instills a love of reading and writing.  Language arts skills are integrated with engaging thematic lessons and problem-based challenges.  Spelling is never taught in isolation but instead individualized for each student through context driven word study.