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Defining Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of our students. MI tells us that students are smart in many ways and in order to develop the diverse intelligences, we need to teach in many ways and provide varied experiences. Provided below is a brief description of the 8 intelligences.
  • learn through reading, writing, discussing
  • communicate effectively
  • have a strong vocabulary
  • write clearly
  • spell easily
  • think in words
  • think in numbers, patterns and algorithms
  • think clearly and analytically
  • learn by appeal to logic
  • use abstract symbols
  • solve logic problems easily
  • good in math
  • think in pictures and images
  • good with spatial relations
  • good eye for detail and color
  • ”see” solutions in problems
  • learn through visuals
  • like to draw and create
  • good sense of rhythm and melody
  • like to sing, hum, chant, rap
  • enjoy listening to music
  • read and write music
  • learn through music, lyrics, rhyme
  • enjoy creating music
  • highly coordinated
  • use gestures and body language
  • take things apart and fix them
  • learn through “hands-on” activities
  • enjoy acting and role-playing
  • enjoy dancing/athletics
  • are aware of their natural surroundings
  • discriminate different flora and fauna
  • are good at sorting and classifying
  • have keen observational skills
  • understand natural phenomena
  • garden or care for pets or animals
  • make and maintain friends easily
  • understand and respect others
  • lead and organize others
  • resolve conflicts
  • learn by interacting with others
  • like to work and be with others
  • need time to process information
  • think about their own thinking
  • have strong opinions and beliefs
  • are introspective
  • know themselves well
  • like quiet time alone