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Multiage Academic Clubs

Multiage Academic Clubs are student selected courses that occur every trimester.  Students from Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade participate in classes together to learn things such as American Sign Language, woodworking, cooking, sewing, strategic gaming, outdoor activities, music, coding, art, gardening, and engineering.  

The fully-multi age configuration of these courses allows students to teach, coach, and be role models for younger students while giving the younger students opportunities to make "buddies" in the upper grade classes.  These relationships can then be transformed into tutoring opportunities, coaching, reading partnerships, and more.

Multiage Academic Clubs also provide opportunities for parents and community members to participate in teaching a club.  If you have a special interest, talent, or knowledge that you would like to share with a class, please speak with your child's teacher for information on how you can teach a Multiage Academic Club!