Executive Director, Ms. Barbara Hale

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As the Executive Director/Principal of the schools, it is my responsibility to ensure that your child's educational needs are met.  We are blessed with a highly qualified and passionate faculty and staff at each of our Sycamore campuses.  Every person employed with us demonstrates the kind of critical skills and fundamental dispositions we want to instill in our students.  Together, we are constantly reflecting on our practice in an effort to continue to learn and improve.

I am a founding member of the school and was part of the executive committee that wrote and petitioned for our charter schools.  This endeavor was a true grassroots effort to bring an innovative learning environment to the Wildomar community and later the Chino Valley community.  Now, 14 years later, we enjoy positive relationships in the communities we serve and with many other educational entities.  
Sycamore Academy is proud to be a truly STUDENT CENTERED organization.

My Education:

Bachelors Degree in Human Growth and Development from Azusa Pacific University
*Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities

Masters Degree in Education - Teaching from Azusa Pacific University
Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from University of Massachusetts Global

CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with CLAD authorization
CA Administrative Credential

Additional Training:

Orff Schulwerk Music training
Sports, Play, Active Recreation for Kids training 
Guided Language Acquisition Development
Education by Design Levels 1 & 2
Critical Skills Training - Leading EDGE
Institute for Learning Center Education Conference
Charter Schools Development Center Leadership Boot Camp
Crisis Prevention Intervention certified
CPI- Autism Spectrum Disorders: Supportive Strategies for Crisis Prevention
Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning
CPR and First Aid certified
WASC visiting team member
SCEWL Conference Organizer

Related Experience:

Child Development Center owner for 14 years
Youth sports Athletic Director for 6 years
Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment, Support Provider