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AB1575 Complaints

Student Fees Policy

Pursuant to AB 1575


In order to be fully compliant with Assembly Bill 1575 (2012), Ronald Reagan Charter School Alliance, dba Sycamore Academy Charter School has adopted the following policies and procedures regarding student fees.

  1. Students enrolled in Sycamore Academy Charter School shall not be required to pay a "pupil fee" for participation in an "educational activity."
  2. All supplies, materials, and equipment needed to participate in educational activities shall be provided to pupils free of charge.
  3. Sycamore Academy does not use a "fee waiver" policy to make pupil fees permissible.
  4. Sycamore Academy does not intend to establish a two-tier educational system by requiring a minimal educational standard and also offering a second higher educational standard that pupils may only obtain through payment of a fee or purchase of additional supplies that the school does not provide.
  5. Sycamore Academy does not offer course or credit privileges related to educational activities in exchange for money or donations of goods or services from a pupil or the pupil's parents or guardians, nor shall the school remove such credit or privileges for failure to make a donation.
  6. Voluntary donations of funds or property or participation in fundraising activities are encouraged and allowed, but such fundraising is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.
  7. Sycamore Academy does not require the purchase of any uniform or logoed articles of clothing.
  8. Entirely optional logoed articles of clothing may require payment of a fee.
  9. All fees allowed under Ed Code section 48904 regarding damaged or unreturned items remain allowed under this policy. Specifically, books or other materials provided free of charge to students must be replaced if lost or damaged. It is Sycamore Academy's policy that any student or family who cannot afford to replace the item shall be eligible for a scholarship to replace the item free of charge in exchange for additional school service on the part of the student and/or parent. Given the nature of Sycamore Academy as a public charter school of choice, in which a parent enrolls their child partly with the intent to instill a sense of personal responsibility in the child, Sycamore Academy believes that when a student loses or damages an item, the school's responsibility to instill that responsibility includes an obligation to repay the school for that item in the form of cash or services equivalent to the value of the lost or damaged item (s) at a rate of $10 per hour of service.


  1. Purely recreational activities may be subject to mandatory fees (attendance at optional weekend outdoor education, leadership development, or athletic events).
  2. Sycamore Academy will not discriminate in any way based on whether a pupil, parents, or guardians contribute time or money to the school.
  3. Sycamore Academy allows the purchase of optional items such as yearbooks, school pictures, etc. and does not consider them as required fees.
  4. Parents or guardians who believe that they are being charged a fee for anything they believe is illegal under AB1575 should contact the Principal of Sycamore Academy, Barbara Hale at 951-678-5217 or [email protected] immediately to file a complaint under Sycamore Academy's Uniform Complaint procedures.
  5. Complaints will be investigated and resolved within 60 days of receipt of the complaint. If the complaint is resolved pursuant to an investigation, the principal shall issue a written decision stating the findings of fact and the reasons for the disposition of the complaint.
  6. If a complaint is found to have merit, the school will reimburse all affected pupils, parent, or guardians.
  7. If a complaint is not satisfied with the decision of the principal, the complainant may appeal to the RRCSA Governing Board directly.